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Fare & clickston's

Book of Spells

Series 2

Avifors!Turns smaller objects into birds
Avis!Birds erupt from wand
Confundus!Confuses opponent
Densaugeo!Enlarges teeth
Expelliarmus!Disarming spell
Episkey!heals minor injuries
Ferula!Creates bandages
Finite Incantatum!Stops current charm/hex
Furnunculus!Produces boils on opponent
Impedimenta!Slows object
Impervius!Makes object water repellant
Locomotor mortis!Locks opponents legs
Mobiliarbus!Moves objects
Orchideous!Flowers erupt from wand
Point me!wand Points North
Prior incantato!Reveals wand's last spell
Quietus!Counter sonorus
Reducto!Blasts objects aside
Relashio!Releashes from binding
Rictusempra!Tickles opponent
Riddikulus!Defeat boggart
Serpensortia!Snake erupts from wand
Sonorus!Amplifies voice
Waddiwasi!Unstick an object
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