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Wizard Crackers in progress!>


(August 11, 2006>

I'm am recently in progress of creating wizard crackers, the neat little gift that makes a bang when you open them, and a prize comes out. These may come on an order form sooner than later, as soon as I perfect it and mass produce them. On a similar topic, if you ordered a wand and have not recieved it yet, it is not because it was lost. I have had a dilemma in the production of wands, but they will be being made again soon!

Happy Birthday, Ronald!

(August 24,2005)

Rupert Grint, actor who plays Ron Weasley in the movies, turns 17 years young today!

This is Rupert Grints address:

Rupert Grint

c/o Actual Management Ltd

27 Mortimer Street




Can Goblin blood be used to cure headaches?

(October 1,2005)

A new study has shown that the blood found in goblins of the australian outback can be used to cure headaches! Do not expect the drug to be on the shelves any time in the near future.

"I have been working with this substance for 7 months now," states professor Grace McMahan of the Common Injury Division at St. Mungo's, " and the results have been somewhat horrifying, but mostly relief." He described how the blood caused some stomach diseases, warts, and even fearce infection of the genital area. It needs more tests, and is extremely hard to find, but it can be helpful someday.

Is One of the Sisters pregnant?

(October 3,2005)

Some fans of the wacky sisters, a wannabe Weird Sisters group, state that they see hinting lumps around the middle. Grenda Sadhawk, the lead singer of the Wacky Sisters, says she has not had any relations in the past three months, but we believe otherwise. In an interview today, she stated she was going out with Ricardo Dissant, the richest wizard in the Wynchester area, but said it hadn't gone that far. When we interrogated Ricardo about the matter, the results were the same. But why do they want to hide this from tthe public?

Well, they are like any other celebrity couple: grieved that they are followed day-by-day by reporters and such, when they don't want to much attention drawn to themselves. We will track this topic and have the final results by the end of the month.

A party for GoF!

(October 4,2005)

I am arranging a party for November 17, the day before the release of GoF. It is in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. If you would like to attend fill out the form below. The cost is to be determined.

There is no form at this time! Sorry!

New Wands for the Christmas Season!

Kosticks All American Wands is ready for the christmas season! We have a variety of Handmade wands that are only five dollars! Please check out the wand inventory for more info!

New apparel!

Kostick's School Apparel shop is opening its doors soon! The inventory will include robes, scarves, dragonhide gloves, schoolbags, cloaks, and more! Remember to check out my wands at Kosticks All American Wands!

Emma's Address!

This is Emma Watson's street address:

Emma Watson,

c/o Harry Potter Production,

Leavesden Studios

P.O. Box 3000

Leavesden, Hertfordshire


United Kingdom

Remember to send hugs and kisses from her #1 fan, me!

Dan's Address!

Here is Dan Radcliffe's address:

Daniel Radcliffe

ARG Talent

4 Great Portland Street

London W1W 8PA

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