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The Head Wizard!

I am,

as stated before, a proud obsessive Harry Potter Fan.(Notice the Capital letters!)I am currently 13 years old. I live in Enola, Pennsylvania, 10 minutes from the Capitol of Harrisburg. I live with my Mom part time in New Cumberland, which is even closer to the Capitol! I have a 17 year old brother, (not much into Harry potter, though two of the books in my collection were his originally!) and my 9 year old sister, who tries to be as obsessed as me, but just doesn't get it.

I was introduced to Harry Potter when my brother recieved GoF for his birthday, from my Grandmother. I was interested, so I grabbed CoS and read to the second or third chapter. I remember reading about Ron in his flying car, and thought that concept was cool. I was 6 years old then.

Then I bought Sorcerers Stone at a Book Fair at Shaull Elementary in 2nd grade. Back in those times it would take me 3 MONTHS to read the book! I finished it and then stopped.

I stopped. I didn't read the rest of CoS until I was 9! Two Years! I was in a rut, blind to the masterpiece and obsession that was in the near future.

Finally came the release of the OoP and I was ecstatic! I got it for Christmas, as well as The first two movies.( From my grandmother, she's been a big help to the birth of my obsession!) I was reading crazy, and finished the PoA and GoF faster than I ever could. It was official: I was obsessed!

Just when I thought it couldnt get any better, PoA movie came out! A month later, my cousin moved in 5 min. from our house, and he's (on a scale from 1-10) a level 4 obsessive.(As opposed to my 10!)I was urgently awaiting the release of HBP, though I had no money to preorder it. I managed to get it opening day, for$15.99! I got a great deal.

I now spend my time contemplating over how I'm making my school robes, because the factory-made ones are really expensive. As soon as I learn, I will sell them for a fraction of the price anyone else sells them.

Wizarding statistics:Wand= Holly, 12 inches, dragon heartstring

house= Ravenclaw

Favorite Wizard= Albus Dumbledore

Wizarding fantasy job= Auror

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